GHValens LLC

295 Madison Ave, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Tel: 212-697-1347

For media inquiries:

GHValens professionals are happy to share their insights and perspectives with members of the media. Please contact:

Mary Ellen Bianco

Tel: 212-697-2400 ext. 214

If you are interested in exploring opportunities with GHValens, please email a cover letter and resume to


We are committed to identifying and recruiting individuals with track records of achievement and success. Our close-knit culture allows professionals to leverage and expand their diverse backgrounds and fosters our ability to develop unique solutions for clients in challenging environments.

Our project teams thrive in transitional situations by bringing a seasoned approach to challenging situations. Ibis provides confidence to stakeholders and lays the framework for lasting change and value addition.

Professionals at all levels work with senior management, boards of directors, and other constituents to facilitate value creation antl risk reduction solutions for middle market businesses. GHvalens professionals are primarily based at client sires and are always expected to be available for travel.

While GHvalens is committed to the development of in personnel, we focus on specific skill sets as prw requisites to joining our organization; these skills include operational capabilities in multiple corporate functions, relevant industry experience, financial modeling, superior communications ability, and a minimum of two years previous experience in a financial or operational role.